Climbing Like an Athlete

A new book tackles mountaineering by training like you would in any other sport

Pick just about any endurance sport and you'll find tomes worth of advice and studies on how to train most effectively for it. The exception has been mountaineering. Maybe because of its fringe element and because, by nature, it's not something you can do every day, climbing mountains has remained out of the spotlight of science and trainers. That is until now.
One of the first titles from Patagonia Books, a branch of the esteemed clothing brand, Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for Climber as Athlete opens a new chapter on mountaineering, one where anyone can train for the sport's unique challenges with purpose.
Written by Steve House, one of the world's best mountaineers, and Scott Johnston, an elite nordic skiing coach, the book tackles everything from physical workouts to mental preparation
The duo borrow from other endurance sports, from House's own training experiences and from the dusty knowledge of climber's basements. In detail they lay out everything a climber will need to tackle everything from a day trip on a Rockies classic to a Himalayan giant. Training plans, nutrition, altitude adaptation, mental fitness and goal setting are all covered.
The 464 page girth may intimidate a set more accustomed to minimalism, but the pages are open and inviting and the writing is simple and easy to digest. A stack of essays from some of the world's top climbers including Ueli Steck, Mark Twight and Will Gadd, break up the advice. Plenty of inspiring photos brighten the pages.
And just about anyone will find useable info inside. Mountain guides will find plenty of fodder to improve their performance. Aspiring climbers will discover guidance and inspiration. Weekend warriors may benefit the most, building a training plan for a distant goal. For anyone who dreams of standing on a summit, especially if a little out of reach, this is a must read.
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