Muskoka River X - Paddling Race Steeped in Heritage

If you are looking for the ultimate in paddling endurance, beautiful scenery, and a whole lot of fun, then read on as the MRX is most definitely for you

The Muskoka River X is the longest single day expedition paddling race in the world. With options of an 80km Sprint, a 130km Classic, or the 220km Courier des Bois paddlers can choose their own adventure - and what an adventure it will be.

The race travels the Muskoka lake and river system as a chance to feature the various watersheds and heritage of the region. It was also designed around the concepts of the early day explorers who travelled the length of these waterways using tripping boats that were fully loaded with expedition gear and navigating through tough conditions. This race is very different from anything else, not only because of the distance, but also because other than with the help of some maps and compass, paddlers have to find the way for themselves. The event is also self-supported meaning participants have to bring food, clothing, safety gear, and camping gear on their SUP or in their boat, and race with it for the duration. The only organized support is from the race volunteers and spectators who happily share encouragement and smiles at the various check points and along the sections of the route that are accessible.  

Over the course of the three days there are three race options to choose from as follows:
Muskoka River X Sprint 80k
This is a new distance for 2016 and starts in Huntsville with the MRX Classic paddlers. Sprint Teams will paddle 80km over Stage 1 and 2 before ending their journey in Bracebridge. For those paddlers who want an MRX experience at a shorter distance, not needing to tackle the upriver-overnight Stages 3 and 4, or wanting to race shorter under-17’ C2 Rec canoes, the MRX Sprint is a great way to start a career in expedition paddle racing. 
Muskoka River X Classic 130k
After receiving much recognition in its first year and pushing teams to their limits in its second, the world’s longest single day expedition paddling race is back for its third running. Participants paddle two river systems, three lakes and 20 portages for a total of 130km in less than 24 hours. Considered the toughest single day canoe race in the world, the MRX Classic is not your traditional marathon-paddling event.  
Muskoka River X Coureur des Bois 220k
Now in its second year, the River X crew created this expansion course to the Muskoka River X Classic in 2015. Building on the heritage of the canal expeditions of the 1800’s, the Coureur des Bois will challenge even the most experienced expedition and marathon paddlers. Participants will travel along the expedition routes of these early explorers as they traverse Algonquin Park east to west from Whitney to Oxtongue Lake. After an overnight layover at Oxtonque and using only the supplies that are carried with them, teams will then merge with the MRX Classic on Lake of Bays on day two. Paddling the full north-south length of Lake of Bays the Coureur des Bois’ will complete stages 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the MRX Classic before returning to Huntsville.

If you are ready to take on the paddling and mentally tough challenge of any of these events this fall, then visit the Muskoka River X website to learn more about the events, the watercraft allowed and all other fine details. Registration is now open, but spaces in each event are limited, so don’t delay and start training today.




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