Featured Club: P.A.C.E.

Check out P.A.C.E. Sports & Fitness a Kelowna B.C. based trail running club

P.A.C.E. (or Positive Attitude Changes Everything) Sports Fitness and Cross Training School is located in Kelowna, BC. As they say on their website, "P.A.C.E. is a place to come to run and train for your goals, but also a place to come where you always feel accepted.  Where your best is always celebrated, even if it was just getting there. So whether you're NEW or a veteran to the scene, we  feel confident that you will enjoy living the PACE lifestyle and meet some long lasting friends along the way". 

We recently caught up with Rene Unser, owner & founder of P.A.C.E. and asked her more about this amazing running club.

Club Size: 60 runners per clinic.  4 Clinics per year.  However our club has well over 1,000 athletes that participate in our race series, clinic series and mountain running camp series.
Who to contact for more information on your club?
Owner/Founder/Head Coach:  Rene Unser at
Do you have a website or newsletter or social media for members or general interest?
Is there a membership fee? What does the fee include access to?
Runners pay per clinic, race or camp.  There are no membership fees.

May guests and visitors to the area join you for free? If not, is there a charge (what is it)?
We do not allow drop in’s as our clinic training is very periodized and personalized.  We also have registration maximums and our clinics fill up fairly quickly. 
Where and when do you train?
We train on a variety of trails in and around Kelowna during our clinics Wednesdays is speed and technique focus with a weekly training workshop that covers a variety of topics. Saturdays are endurance focused.
Who makes up your club (demographic?)
Fast vs slow runners – we have a mix of fitness levels and paces
Trail, track, or road runners – primarily trail and road runners
New vs experienced runners – mix of new and experienced

We offer 15k, 25k & 50k training groups and within those groups, we have A, B & C paced groups.


Does your offer formal coaching or training?
Yes.  With professional running coach, Salomon, Hammer Nutrition and Defeet sponsored athlete, Rene Unser.
Do you host any races or unique club events?
Nimble Bear 10k/25k/50k
Broken Goat 12k/25k/50k
Wandering Moose 12k/20k/42k
Rossland Mountain Running Camp
Revelstoke Mountain Running Camp
Annual Charity Run supporting CMHA (mental health)
Trail Maintenance Day on a trail our club sponsors

Does the club travel to races?
Yes.  A variety of different events each year.  We have been travelling to Europe since 2011 for the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run and this year we have over 6 teams participating.  PACE also offers a tour package for this event.
What are the benefits of joining the club?
  • We have a very strong social aspect to our club and feedback is often that upon joining P.A.C.E.,  they feel like part of a family.  We have a very high retention rate.  Some athletes have been training with us for 11yrs.
  • We offer professional coaching and training that accommodates beginners to elite.
  • We educate and teach our athletes using technique based skills, video analysis and a variety of other coaching tactics to help improve performance.
  • We showcase a huge variety of trail networks in and around Kelowna, which is great for anyone who is new to Kelowna or anyone who simply wants to explore new terrain.
  • We have a team of 9 experienced leaders who help support and lead up to 7 different paced groups.
If you want to learn more about P.A.C.E. be sure to visit their website at

Photos: courtsey of P.A.C.E website



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