Have you thought about the Ontario Ultra and Trail Race Series?

Is an ultra in your plans for 2017?

The OUTRace (Ontario Ultra and Trail Race) Series is comprised of 13 races that vary in distance and terrain.  Points are automatically awarded to everyone who completes one of the races in the series.  OUTRace includes the Ontario Trail Series (OTS), Ontario Ultra Series (OUS) and the 50K Series.  Races in the Trail series are on trails and range from 25K up to 34K in distance.  The Ultra series includes timed races from 6 hours to 24 hours (you must complete more than 42.2K) and distance races from 50K up to 200 miles (322K).  The terrain varies from trails, to pavement, to track.  The 50K series are all approximately 50K in distance and also take place on trails, pavement or track.
Now that you have decided to run all the races in the series, let's take a quick look at the first 7 races in 2017.  And good luck!
Pick Your Poison                    Saturday April 29, 2017
Picture yourself running on single and double track trails in the vicinity of ski hills.  In fact, why not direct the runners up and over the ski hills.  Woohoo!  You have a choice of 12.5K (not in the OUTRace series), 25K (OTS) and 50K (OUS).  The hills get bigger every 12.5K loop.
The Seaton Soaker                  Saturday May 13, 2017
Although mainly single track, the terrain also includes broad-path and short sections of paved trail.  Don't forget the river crossing, which is very refreshing, especially on cool days!  You can get a taste of the action on this out and back race with the 15K (not in OUTRace) or attempt the 25K (OTS) or throw reason to the wind and go for the 50K (OUS).
Sulphur Springs                      Saturday May 27, 2017
Considered a great first trail race, this 20K loop race gives you all sorts of options, from 10K to 200 miles.  Yes, that's correct, Canada's first 200 mile race!  The trail is forgiving, but with enough hills to make it a challenge.  The 25K is part of the OTS or step up to the OUS races, which include 50K, 50 miles, 100 miles or 200 miles.  This race is worth attending just to set eyes on those runners with a very limited grasp on reality!
Kingston 6 Hour                     Saturday June 3, 2017
Kingston is a timed event.  That means there is no DNF (Did Not Finish), as you don't need to run a set distance.  However you need to complete more than a marathon in order for your results to be counted in the OUS.  This is an excellent race for those attempting their first “real long” race, and are concerned about having to complete 50K or face a DNF.  The terrain is a 1.1K loop on paved and gravel roads.  No need to carry fluids and nutrition, as the aid station is never more than 10 minutes away.  Timing is manual.  As you pass by the starting line, an actual person writes down your loop time!
Conquer the Canuck               Saturday and Sunday June 10/11, 2017
Yet another format,  the Canuck is a trail race with options of 8.33K, 25K (OTS), Marathon, 50K (OUS) and for the very brave, 92.2K.  Although not part of OUTRace, the 92.2K is a staged race, where runners warm up with a 50K on Saturday, then run a full marathon the next day.     Conquer the Canuck was revitalized in 2016 and is new to the OUTRace series for 2017.
Niagara Ultra                          Saturday June 17, 2017
The Niagara Ultra is held mainly on a paved footpath that follows the Niagara river from Niagara-on-the-lake to Niagara Falls and back.  You get the speed of pavement without fighting traffic.  Options are the 10K, half and full marathon and the 50K (OUS).  This race has beautiful scenery and perhaps I should not mention the numerous wineries in the area?
Pure Grit Trail Race                Saturday June 24, 2017
Rounding out the first half of the OUTRace series calendar is another new race to the series, Pure Grit.  Distance options include 2.5K, 7.5K, 15K and 30K (OTS).  Held in Hepworth, come on out to cottage country and try a tough trail race.
Find out more about OUTRace at  See you at the races!

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