Essential Summer Gear Pick

Hydro Flask 64 oz. Growler with 16 oz. True Pint Review

My go-to gear this summer has to be Hydro Flask’s 64 oz. Growler and their 16 oz. True Pint cups. 

From BYOB backyard BBQ parties to campfire toasts after a long canoe trek, you’ll be able to enjoy a cold beverage with this perfect Hydro Flask duo. They both feature Hydro Flask’s trademarked TempShield insulation which eliminates condensation and keeps your drink cold!

If you’re wondering why they call it a ‘growler’ – it refers to a jug used to transport beer which is why it only made sense for its first beverage test to be with beer!

While I’m not a huge beer drinker, I visited the friendly people over at the Steam Whistle Brewery not only because it’s one of my favourite breweries in Toronto, but also because they refill growlers even if it’s not their own!

Within minutes, the awesome Steam Whistle staff member Rylan refilled the bottle! 

Since the Hydro Flask Growler uses a screw-on cap, I put the growler into my back pack without hesitation, and was on my way, back out into the sweltering heat.

Later that day, I was able to enjoy Steam Whistle’s unfiltered brew, fresh from the tap! Although it wasn’t ice cold (to be fair, I lugged it around direct sunlight in 35+ degree heat), it maintained Steam Whistle’s distinct crisp taste.

What I LOVE about Hydro Flask’s 64 oz. Growler:
  • Lightweight given its slightly intimidating size
  • The black handle helps for carrying it and impressing friends with a one-handed pour (again, given its intimidating size)
And because of its great carrying capacity and ability to keep liquids cold OR hot, it can also be used for:
  • Sangria (yup, even with an abundance of fruits in it!)
  • Coffee (probably the coolest on-the-go coffee carafe ever!)
  • Hot chocolate (I can’t wait to try this out when winter camping!)

What I LOVE about Hydro Flask’s 16 oz. True Pint cups:
  • Keeps beverages cold without ice! No more watered down drinks!
  • Strikingly stylish with a great selection of colours (powder coated on so it’s longer lasting)
  • Fits nicely in a not-big-enough-for-some-beer-stein hands ;-)

Best of all, getting a growler refilled (and using a reusable cup like the True Pint) means being able to enjoy beer or any beverage in an environmentally friendly way. Eliminating the use of one-time use products (e.g. those red plastic cups, ugh) is a win worth raising a glass, or in this case, a True Pint to.

Enjoy responsibly! 



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