Blue Mountain getting a massive and legendary bike festival this summer

California's Sea Otter Classic heads north

One of the premier cycling festivals on the planet, California’s Sea Otter Classic, is headed north of the border to Canada. The first annual Sea Otter Canada Festival will be held in beautiful Blue Mountain, Ontario on July 4-7, 2019.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sea Otter Cycling Canada Inc. to introduce our celebration of cycling to the Canadian market,” said Frank Yohannan, president and CEO of the Sea Otter Classic. “Reaching more cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts has been the longstanding goal of Sea Otter. Blue Mountain is the perfect location for us to be able to expand our reach to the Canadian cycling community.”

The Sea Otter Classic, the world’s premier cycling festival has been a favourite cycling festival in North America for almost 30 years, and in 2019, it grows even more. The multi-day festival, expo and race will showcase the best cycling in Ontario, with wild races, fun for the family, and tons of bike demos and opportunities to test out the latest and greatest cycling products.

There will be a slew of exciting events no matter how you ride: road, mountain or ebike.

Unique to Ontario, road racers — as individuals or with four-person teams — can take part in a single-day stage race comprised of three events. Earlier in the week, a downtown night-time Criterium, and a Gran Fondo, gravel race and more recreational rides will be open to the widest range of cycling enthusiasts. But the real star challenges of the event will be the climbs — on- and off-road. Inspired by Phil Gaimon, the festival is bringing a Hill Climbing Championship to Canada.

The Sea Otter Classic, founded by Frank Yohannan and Lou Rudolph, dates back to 1991 and draws tens of thousands of participants and fans to the at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California every year.

In addition to the races and cycling events, there will be kids events, a product expo, food trucks, entertainment and much more.

The list of exhibitors is already extensive and is expected to include more than 200 leading cycling brands, including Cannondale, Bosch, Shimano, Maxxis, Cervelo, Camelbak, Tacx, Osprey and Sidi, already announced.



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Camping Easily Forgotten Items

A list for you: Campings easiest to forget but hardest to live without items

For outdoor adventures, a little bit of preparation is vital. We all know the basic necessities that need to be thrown in the back of the car or the backpack, but what about those really important things that we often forget – those things that are super inconvenient when we need them, NOW, and don’t have them. 

Here’s a list to remind you of those essential-but-often-forgotten goodies.

Extra batteries: the flashlight won’t work without them, so remember to pack some spares just in case.

Can/bottle opener: you’re doomed if you’re hungry, the tin of food is beckoning, but you’ve got nothing to open it with. Your own teeth won’t suffice here I’m afraid.

Multipurpose knife: for all those ‘multipurpose’ jobs that always seem to come up during outdoor trips. It’s likely Dad’s favourite toy and he will show you how to handle it with pride, so listen up.

Lighter: nope, not for cigarettes, but for the campfire. Assuming there’s no fire ban in place, a campfire is one of the greatest joys (and necessities) of camping. Keep the kids back though, and Dad too if the Canadian Club comes out.

Rope: makeshift clothesline, tie things down, strap something on to the roof, lasoo a sasquatch…endless possibilities for this little gem.

Sunscreen: summer means sunburn if not careful. Cover up to avoid the lobster look.

First aid-kit: an essential item in the outdoor bag. Never know when or what you might need. Cover your bases. 

Bug repellant: many an outdoor adventure has been tarnished by invading bugs. Deter them with good quality bug spray and be kind when the strangers next door are slapping ferociously at mosquitos. Karma is a good thing, especially when camping.

Cooking utensils: ok, so you won’t have a gourmet kitchen around you, but you’ll need the basics to make your life easier. When Mom is happy, everyone is happy. Trust me.

Toothbrush: avoid grossness by practicing good oral hygiene. Pack your toothbrush please. And save money at your next visit to the Dentist.

Pack smart. Remember the easily forgotten things. Forget the everyday things. (The internet seems so wrong in the wilderness!) And be a happy camper. By: Kerry Hale