Green gear for the great outdoors on Earth Day

Loving the earth and loving outdoor adventure should be complementary pursuits. The clothing and fashion industry is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and uses a ridiculous amount of water. Enjoying outdoor places and spaces should come with a sense of responsibility to choose gear and equipment that at minimum is well-made and lasts a long time. The best contribution to lowering your own personal eco-footprint is to use your gear out, fix it up, and use it again. And choose natural materials like wool. But advances in creating sustainable and green gear are happening on the regular. Here are just a few items that showcase what green gear is all about. 

Keen Harvest Flip, $70

These handy beach sandals are perfect as a cottage weekender, or to slide on at the climbing gym after a session. They are super comfortable and contained a ton of recycled foam to provide lots of cushioning. Up top, the webbing is made from 100% recycled P.E.T plastic bottles. Not that we need plastic bottles at all, please avoid them. But this sandal puts that waste to good use. 


Go Lite, ReGreen Windshell, $100US

This brand has reinvented itself as one of the industry leaders when it comes to sustainability offering an entire line of sustainable and recycled athletic apparel. Case in point, the ReGreen WindShell, which won an innovation award for sustainability by churning up the very bad green plastic bottles that normally end up in landfills and turning them into this pretty fantastic jacket. And, they don’t even dye the fabric, which reduces water consumption by up to 80 per cent. 


Columbia OutDry Ex Eco Jacket, $209

The folks at Columbia Sportswear really went to work on this one to create a very advanced and sustainable rain jacket to performs without giving the planet a kick in the pants. Firstly, it’s dye-free, and that comes with incredible savings in water — think 13 gallons per jacket. Not to mention, its 100 per cent recycled fabric is made from 21 recycled plastic bottles. It also has no PFCs, and it performs very well. Way to go, Columbia!


Biolet camp stove, $225

This company is doing some pretty cool things with camping gear. And, 10 per cent of all sales from this limited edition Earth Day release will be donated to Climate Neutral, a non-profit carbon emissions organization for people who are looking to support the environment with their purchases. This small, packable thermo-electric camp stove can burn biomass (wood + twigs) and charge your cell phone. It is excellent for car camping, emergency preparedness, and backpacking.


Saucony biodegradable running shoe

Although not coming out until later this year, we are already pretty excited about testing out our first biodegradable shoes from the fine folks at Saucony. As runners know, we churn through a lot of shoes and there is really little to do but chuck them into the garbage and on to the landfill. Since they often contain all kinds of plastics and oil products, disposal is not a great solution for the planet. Well, what could be better for the earth than a shoe that actually comes from natural materials and renewable resources and can break down in the environment in a safe way? It’s kinda brilliant. Stay tuned. 





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