New fall running essentials from top to bottom

The mercury is starting to dip real low, especially in the wee morning hours, and that means runners need to take care and gear up to keep those feet moving. 

When it comes to colder weather running, there is nothing more important than layering including a base layer that wicks away the sweat and an outdoor layer that protects against the elements. In addition, depending on how cold it gets, it could be time to look at covering up those extremities: hands, head, and the latest item, a running mask. Because 2020. 

Here are a few fall weather essentials from top to bottom:


Possibly the most crucial element of the cold weather running wardrobe is what goes on top of your head, only because it is very hard to strike that perfect balance. If it’s too hot, then there is the risk of having to remove it and expose those sweaty golden locks to the cold. But going without brings its own issues. The fine folks at Salomon offer an ideal cold-weather Beanie that is unisex and designed to take moisture away from the skin and maintain that perfect running temperature. Added bonus, the UPF50 sun protection, because those rays can get you even if it’s freezing outside. 


It seems masks are now part of our new normal, and if there is any risk of close contact even when running in a group or at any event, top outdoor brands are now making masks for running. For example, Under Armour has created a mask to top technical specifications that are made for running and other sports. It’s designed to fit up off the face and mouth so there isn’t that chafing that comes with the cold weather. The fit combined with the fabric allows for greater breathability one needs for the sporty things. The interior lining and ear loops are made with Iso-Chill fabric so it feels cool on the skin. Also UPF 50+. $35 CAN.


A good outer shell is something that is very light and breathable but also offers a good amount of protection from the elements. Conditions change quickly in the fall. One minute it’s bright and sunny, the next you’re huddled under a tree as it teems down icy rain. Enter the Saucony Drizzle jacket. This shell is super lightweight while keeping water and wind at bay and managing a high degree of breathability. It has a great fit and some treasured add-ons including reflective trim and a locker loop. $179.99 CAN.


Icebreaker has been turning out some of the finest base layers for years now. The products feature naturally wonderful merino wool. The Oasis Merino 200 base layer from the New Zealand company is the perfect companion for your outdoor pursuits, whether under a shell pant during the rain, sleet and snow, or under a pair of shorts and a light jacket for added warmth on a cool morning run in November. Expect odour resistance, natural wicking, and really just a great fit. Hard to go wrong with Icebreaker. $115 CAN.


It is hard to underestimate the value of a solid pair of running socks, especially in the colder months. It’s already challenging enough to get motivated to run on a rainy and cool fall morning. Running in a pair of substandard socks is just not an option we are willing to entertain. There are waterproof socks out there for extreme circumstances, but we recommend a good all-arounder that provides warmth and protection and pulls up to mid-calf. We prefer to keep our skin under wraps this time of year. To that end, SmartWool offers plenty of options for all manner of outdoor pursuits including running and none better than the PHD Pro Endurance print crew socks, which look great, but also offer a heap of special features ideal for this time of year including the material — a special blend that includes a lot of merino wool and nylon. They also fit great and have legendary durability. $31.99 CAN.


Choosing a good pair of running shoes if part personal preference and part performance. Running in ice and cold requires a bit more thought, but a good running shoe like the Saucony Ride 13 would operate very well in the cooler fall months. Check out our review on our YouTube channel. It’s light and super comfortable. But it’s also very durable and is a popular shoe for daily training runs. It’s also got a seamless upper so if it does rain, there is some protection there to keep the moisture from getting at you too quickly. Of course, there are plenty of waterproof running shoes on the market as well, though there is some sacrifice in terms of weight and performance, of course. The Saucony Peregrine 10 GTX is one such model that offers full-on water protection, a grippy sole and many other features. This is a great option for trail runners and as we enter into the winter months. There is also an “ICE” version that is even tougher with an  ARCTIC GRIP outsole.



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