The Boundless Life: 13 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

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Simon Donato may be best known as one half of the Canadian ultra-racing duo from the television series, Boundless. Through three seasons, Simon and his co-host / fellow ultra-athlete Paul ‘Turbo’ Trebilcock, travel to the grandest, most intense ultra races around the world.
However, Simon’s life is hardly that of a one-dimensional athlete focused exclusively on his sport. A lifelong competitor in many sports, he also holds a PhD in geology and previously worked as a geologist in Western Canada.
The Boundless Life is structured into easily digestible life lessons learned from the three areas that consume so much of his time, energy and passion. It packages up bits of wisdom from Adventure Racing (including several of the races from the Boundless TV show); from running his ‘Stoked Oats’ business; and maybe the most fascinating, (and definitely the most unique), from ‘Adventure Science’ his initiative that pairs adventure athletes with the scientific community to take scientific exploration, conservation and humanitarian projects into some of the most remote places on the planet.
Clearly a very confident and determined individual, Donato reflects back on experiences over the past two decades and distills them into bite-sized anecdotes that deliver their message via entertaining stories centered on his long resume of amazing experiences.
Some of the ‘lessons’ covered may seem like common sense such as ‘the worst races are often the best teachers’, and ‘half the battle is taking the first step’. But the book also navigates to more intriguing ideas such at ‘the greatest amount of luck is found at the front of the pack’, ‘invest in the fun bank’, and ‘there is no shame in surviving’.
Along with well thought out and inisightful lessons, the book offers some stunning accounts of Adventure Science projects where Simon and his team venture into beautiful, rugged and extremey dangerous and remote areas of Oman and Madagasgar.
So, whether you are a fan the Boundless television show, an endurance athlete yourself, or simply interested in travel stories that span the globe, there is something here for you to enjoy. However, if all three of these statements describe you, this book will hit a sweet spot and you’ll just have to find some time to sit still long enough to read it. At two hundred and sixty three pages, it won’t take long and you’ll be back on your feet and ‘out there’ again in no time.

The Boundless Life: 13 Lessons Learned The Hard Way is published by HarperCollins. It is available in paperback and e-book and is available March 28, 2017


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