Dave Scott-Thomas banned from coaching for life

Former running coach Dave Scott-Thomas has received a lifetime coaching ban from Athletics Canada following an investigation. 

Scott-Thomas has been one of the most successful running coaches in the country and has coached on 16 Canadian national teams. He was fired by the University of Guelph in December, 2019. And in February, the Globe and Mail published an explosive account of alleged systematic sexual and emotional abuse suffered by runner Megan Brown at the hands of Scott-Thomas. 

A statement from Athletics Canada, in part, read:

"On March 23, 2020, and pursuant to the authority and discretion afforded to the Athletics Canada Commissioner’s Office, Mr. David Scott-Thomas is subject to a lifetime ban from Athletics Canada during which time he shall not coach or train a Member of Athletics Canada or a Member of any affiliated Club or Association.  This Order takes effect immediately."

Scott-Thomas is banned for life from all aspects of Athletics Canada coaching. After five years, he can enter Athletics Canada facilities, but only as a spectator. 

Brown responded to news of the lifetime ban in iRun magazine when she was asked about Scott-Thomas' punishment.

"I don’t like the word “punishment,” I haven’t been working from that place. For me, I work more from karmic resolution. I think there’s order to everything and as I move through this process I can see there’s a lot that needed to be resolved. I didn’t realize how much it was impacting me the fact that it wasn’t resolved," she said. "Moving through the stages: the story went out, and there was a lot of healing from that and closure. Then the institutional stuff, and that impacted me less than maybe you’d think, but this piece is bigger than I thought it would be. It feels like the final necessary piece for karmic closure—for me at least."

The full order from Athletics Canada can be read here.




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