Barkley Marathons' Lazarus Lake plots new 1,000K virtual run across Tennessee

Laz Lake, otherwise known as Gary Cantrell, of Barkley Marathons’ fame is adding his characteristic flair to the virtual racing scene. 

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee will see runners take part in a massive online 1,000-kilometre epic journey. 

The race will begin May 1, according to event information, at the “bottom left corner of Tennessee” and proceeded to cross the state, logging 1,000K in the process. 

Participants have four months to complete the race, but those who have time to spare are asked to consider another 1,000K by completing an out-and-back route. 

“Can you beat your buddies from the Mississippi River levee near Anthonyville, Arkansas to the high trestle branch off of Buckeye Hollow road way up in the Appalachian Mountains?” race information states. “And when we say the Race of the Summer, we mean the whole summer!”

There will be a map set up to show the daily progress of participants, which runners will log via a personal link. And already more than 4,000 people have signed up.

There is even talk of commemorative shirts. 

Lake is best known as the person behind some of the toughest and best-known ultras in America including the aforementioned Barkley Marathons, which nobody has been able to finish since 2017,  and the Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra, which was won by Maggie Guterl last year. 

Register here.


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