Hanging with Tracy Anderson In Studio City

Tracy Anderson fitness guru to the stars held JumpsTArt in November and we were there

Tracy Anderson, well known fitness guru to the stars held classes at her Studio City location for four Thursday’s in November and this Get Out There staff member was there! The timing was perfect for this amazing experience.  Not only to be in Los Angeles but to be in Tracy Anderson’s studio! Her reasoning for offering these up close and personal meetings is because she loves to meet the people who are doing her program and bring them in for a class with the fitness phenomenon herself. 

Studio City, CA is her first studio location and as she says, it definitely has the “no frills” look but she loves it this way.  Although, we did learn that there are plans to renovate this California based studio in 2015.

The meet up started with a Q and A with Tracy and then right into a full hour of her Tracy Anderson Method. If you have never heard of this workout, check it out. A full body, sweat your butt off workout that targets your overall body as well as all your small muscles that may not have ever worked before. Her Metamorphosis workouts are a “go-to” for women of all shapes and sizes. There are different workouts for different body types. Having done a year of these workouts, I can attest that they really do work. Surprisingly all you need to you and 3 pound weights. It seems so light but when you do repetitive movements with those light weights, you feel it! 

It’s all about toning and not bulking. 

Once the Q and A is over the music gets going and some 50 or more women get ready. The room is warmer than normal and Tracy, all 5 ft of her, is ready to make us work. From cardio to arm sequences and leg lifts; this was one workout that not only was motivating and inspiring but exhausting as well. There was not one body part that wasn’t worked out! The focus and intensity that Tracy had throughout the class shows the true love, passion and belief that she has in her programs. Each person taking part certainly left it all out there. Never was there a time though that we weren’t smiling. It was quite frankly beyond inspiring and truly one of the best workouts I have been put through.

Tracy Anderson has studios in California, New York and personal by appointment only in London. She has youth, mens and women’s workouts available online as well. New this month she has also launched a streaming workout where every Wednesday you will be streamed into a live class. An amazing new venture.

If you have never heard of Tracy Anderson, check out her website at:

Need a resolution, Tracy Anderson is a great place to start!

Written by: Sue Strong



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