F45 Training Comes to Canada

We tested the Australian fitness trend

Australia-based fitness studio, F45 Training, offers high intensity, circuit training group sessions that aim to have effective, accessible and varied everyday workouts. The “F” stands for functional training and 45 stands for their 45-minutes classes.
After my first session at the Yorkville location, here are my five reasons why you should check out F45 Training:

1) You'll be doing at least 18 exercises in under an hour.

I love how this workout throws so many things at you and challenges your body to do a variety of exercises in one class. Exercises include agility and plyometric-based drills, cardio, strength training and calisthenics, use of machines like the erg and bike, and the list goes on! 

Don't worry, there's always an instructional walk-through of the exercises at the beginning of class. Just don’t be late! Class starts promptly at the top of the hour.

2) It's a different workout every day.

I lose interest in repetitive workouts easily and workouts that involve keeping track of reps. F45 changes it up every day with a new line-up of exercises from their database of over 3,000 different exercises! In my session, there was a great mix of cardio and strength exercises, and we didn’t spend an agonizing amount of time at each station (thankfully, otherwise, *yawn*)

3) The giant displays will help keep you on track.

To my previous point about losing interest easily, the giant displays in front of each station not only give you a great visual of how to perform each exercise, but also displays the time remaining for each exercise (and rest periods).   

4) There were people of all athletic abilities.

It’s always a good thing to see a studio that welcomes people of all fitness levels! There were members from a competitive rugby team, runners, and several F45 newbies who reassured me that the workouts will get easier with regular attendance.

5) The motivating and friendly staff.

From the moment I entered the studio and told them it was my first time at F45 and throughout the various exercises, the staff members were warm, extremely motivating and attentive. Whether with words of encouragement or pointers to fix posture or to get more out of the exercises, the trainers were so on it!

Every time I said I was dying, Vanessa, the awesome studio manager responded with a warm smile, "no, you're doing great!" and would help snap a photo of me semi-suffering. Thanks Vanessa!
If you’re new to F45, there’s two locations in Toronto to choose from – Yorkville and Liberty Village. Ask them about their two week trial!

If you've tried F45, what did you like about it?




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