Paddling the north coast of Lake Superior

Get Out There's Brad Jennings chronicles adventure with new film, 'Wild Coast: 10 Days Canoeing Lake Superior'

Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake and very much an inland sea. This powerful body of water is larger than the country of Austria and directly influences the climate of its surrounding landmass. Fog can envelop her shoreline for days on end and wicked storms can whip up waves over 10m in height, taking with them many a ship. In the summer of 2018, Get Out There reporter, Brad Jennings and his partner Leah Schmidt, spent an amazing 10 days paddling the most remote coast in the Great Lakes.
The couple has paddled the coastline through Lake Superior Provincial Park several times before and has come to fall in love with the splendour of Gitche Gumee. Crystal clear waters, sweeping beaches and imposing coastal mountains (tall by Ontario standards), create an awe-inspiring landscape. The section through Superior Park, while remote and challenging, pales in comparison to the stretch of coast between the Pic and Michipicoten Rivers. Wild, unforgiving and rugged, it remains the longest undeveloped coastline in the Great Lakes.

The 185km stretch through Pukaskwa National Park to Michipicoten Harbour had been a bucket list trip of Brad’s for years but eluded him due to complications in timing, weather and logistics. Finally, after all this time, the trip got off the ground!

The 10-day canoe journey along the northern coast of Lake Superior took them through: one national park, Pukaskwa; one provincial park, Nimoosh; and one conservation reserve, Lake Superior Highlands; as well as along crown land.
Brad has been paddling and exploring the backcountry for 25+ years. A reporter for Get Out There magazine, he often covers adventure races and other wilderness-based endurance sports. When he’s not racing, he’s often paddling and adventuring for his personal site

Brad chronicled the adventure with the film Wild Coast: 10 Days Canoeing Lake Superior. Check it out below. 



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