Record turnout for Lévis Half-Marathon

Almost 5,000 participants in popular Quebec event

On May 5, the 16th annual Lévis Half-Marathon kicked off the 2019 Je Cours Qc race season in dramatic fashion attracting more participants than ever before (4,986) and both the men's and women's records were smashed in the process.

The man who broke the 21.1K half-marathon record in 2018 with a time of 01:08:15.5, Kipsang Ezekiel (KEN) shattered his own record, while in the women’s competition Salome Nyirarukundo (ON) smashed the record time of 01:21:48.9 set just last year by Karine Lefebvre. Runners and walkers gathered for the race from 329 municipalities across Quebec, as well as other parts of Canada, the United States, and as far afield as Germany, Belgium, France, Kenya, Mexico and Sweden. 
“The Lévis Half-Marathon keeps growing and growing in popularity, so it’s not surprising to see nearly 5,000 people turn out for the fantastic event we had this Sunday,"  said Chantal Lachance, Vice-President of Marketing and Operations for event organizer Gestev. "We had all the right ingredients, with so many happy runners and walkers, dynamic spectators, keen volunteers, a hardworking team of staff, and an absolutely unreal performance in the half-marathon."

Lévis is located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River opposite Quebec City. 
The next Je Cours Qc event, the Duchesnay Coureur des Bois Trail, is slated for May 20 and is a qualifier for the Quebec Mega Trail 50-mile race. Approximately 1,000 runners are expected to attend. 

It’s a natural choice for trail runners of all ages and abilities, who can look forward to challenging themselves in the great outdoors at the Duchesnay Resort near Quebec City.



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