Get Out There's new ambassador climber Becca Frangos

The Canmore native was three-time Canadian national youth champion and has big things on the horizon

Growing up in the climbing-forward mountainous town of Canmore, Alberta, Becca Frangos got introduced to the sport early alongside her sister. Now, Frangos is one of the most exciting and determined young climbers in the country, equally at home in the climbing gym on boulders, or lead climbing her way up challenging crags. 

"My parents signed my sister and I up for a summer climbing camp back in 2008 in our hometown of Canmore, and we both fell in love with it right away," she says. "Although at first I was quite uncoordinated and was most definitely not a “natural” climber, I became instantly hooked by the strength, agility, endurance and mental focus it requires to succeed."

Now, with climbing added to the Olympic Games, Frangos's next few years are about to get even more interesting. 

"Growing up in Canmore, Alberta mountain sports have shaped my life since the time I was able to walk and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by and mentored by numerous Olympic athletes in the Bow Valley," she says. "Since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of competing at the Olympics so it would be a dream come true to have that become a reality."

For 2020, there are only 20 spots available for female climbers in a combined sport. Period. But, Frangos like where this thing is headed and has 2024 firmly in her sights. 

"The 2024 games are most definitely a goal of mine considering it has been proposed to split speed from Bouldering and Lead this suits my strengths as a competitor much better," she explains. 

Last year, Frangos competed on the entire Lead World Cup circuit in addition to a few bouldering and speed events. The finished ranked 25th in the world, combined, and learned a ton. 

"In previous seasons I had only attended a few events so being able to compete at more events was a great opportunity for me to gain more experience on the international circuit and identify areas of my performance, both mentally and physically that can be improved," she says. 

"The highlight for me was getting to spend time in Innsbruck, Austria between events training with members of the Austrian team as well as many other friends from different teams who were also competing on the World Cup circuit. Innsbruck has what most would call the best training facility in the world for competition climbing so it was perfect to spend about a month there."

Growing up in Canmore, Frangos has plenty of mentors including Vikki and Stacey Weldon and Sonnie Trotter, in addition to the opportunity to train and compete alongside her sister. 

"Sara and I have always had a really close relationship so it’s been really special to share a passion for the same sport," she says. "Throughout our teenage years, we both competed together and were always very close in ability so we both pushed each other to become better. I most definitely wouldn’t be the climber I am today without her!"

As one of our new ambassadors, our readers will have the opportunity to follow with Frangos’s adventures through our social media accounts and online at our website. Our readers will get training tips, and an inside look at a climber with a bright future in Canada, and generally be inspired by some of his exploits. She'll be contributing content in the near future so get ready to Get Out There.

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