Treetop cycling in Belgium

New elevated pathway is 10 metres in the air a boon for tourists

We’ve all heard of treetop trekking at this point. But the fine bike-loving folks of Limburg, Belgium went one step further this summer by introducing a new cycling experience 10 meters high in the forest of Bosland. And it is very cool.

“This is the second in a series of new cycling experiences spread across the province, with which cyclists can experience the beautiful nature of Limburg in a unique way,” says Igor Philtjens, deputy and chairman of Tourism Limburg. “For example, we show that Limburg continues to innovate as a cycling paradise and we put our province on the map even more!”

The project is part of 'Cycling Synergy': the strategy with which Tourism Limburg lays an additional layer of experience over the existing cycle route network. They do this with a series of strong cycling experiences, such as the now world-famous 'Cycling through the Water' (#FDHW) in Bokrijk and next year 'Cycling through the Heide' (#FDDH) in the Hoge Kempen National Park.

The new cycle path through the trees also adds a unique experience to the Limburg cycle route network. Cyclists ride 700 metres long over a bicycle bridge — a double circle with a diameter of 100 metres — that rises gradually (3-4%) to a height of 10 metres, before falling again with the same slope. This gives cyclists and walkers a sensational 360 ° experience.



“If you can dream it you can achieve it.”

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