Epic new expedition race hits the Okanagan Valley in 2020

Expedition Canada combines trekking, paddling, orienteering, mountain biking and ropes

There is a bold new multi-day adventure race in Canada to make its debut in 2020 created by a veteran of expedition races who was inspired to create the race by the incredible Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

Expedition Race Canada is founded by Nathalie Long, who also serves as the race director. She is originally from Canada but has been living abroad for many years in France and Australia. Adventure racing has been a big part of her life. She is intent on making it a big part of a new generation of Canadians as well, by creating a unique and epic expedition-style race. 

“I have been racing the world circuit for 10 years now and have done 17 expedition races,” says Long. “I started adventure racing in Australia. When I moved back to Canada and discovered The Okanagan — there was no doubt in my mind that an expedition race should happen here.”



The race is slated to begin on June 3 in Penticton, BC with the course stretching 350 kilometres. Race disciplines include trekking/trail running, orienteering, mountain biking, paddling and ropes. Although it will be a huge adventure, Long says she and her co-designers at Hoodoo Adventures made sure that even less-experienced teams will be able to get the full expedition race experience and cross the finish line. 

“The race will be challenging as it is a multi-day race,” she says. “We expect the fastest team to finish in 48+ hours and the slowest team to come through in four days. There will be some sweet and technical trails on foot as well as on the bike and some pretty long sections during the race. Teams will go in remote areas and navigation will be key for them to not spend days in the woods.”

Although Long isn’t revealing yet where the race will end, she can say that the scenery is spectacular. And Canadian competitors and any international teams that make it to the race are in for a special experience. 



“BC is wild, amazing scenery, wildlife and people but mostly this incredible terrain in which to play,” she says. “There’s lakes, mountains, technical trails, some of the best mountain bike trails you can find..and great wine and cider!”

Long says she is expecting between 15 and 25 teams for the inaugural race. 

The Expedition Canada event is also a demo race in the Adventure Racing World Series, and if all goes according to plan it will become a qualifying event for the world circuit in 2021.

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