Finding your challenge at the Pentathlon des neiges

Something for everyone at the world's largest winter multisport event

The world’s largest winter multisport event happens in Quebec City. And it is fantastique! 

The 16th edition of the Pentathlon des Neiges presented by MEC will be held on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City from Feb. 22 to  March 1, 2020. 

One of the most unique and compelling parts of this landmark event is that participants are invited to choose their own challenge and make the one-of-a-kind event all their own. 

Multisport challenges are a great way for athletes to push outside their comfort zones and try something new. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to compete together in a unique and competitive winter sports environment. 

Pentathlon des Neiges makes it easy for participants to pick their own challenge

Participants can compete in the event solo, with a friend or in a group of three to five. Here are the options:

Six choices for the solo athlete

Duathlon: Participants can choose to run and cross-country ski the 15-km Salomon Duathlon, or the introductory Salomon Duathlon - Discovery at 7 km. 

Triathlon: Participants can choose the very accessible Experiment Winter Triathlon that includes a run, skate and cross-country ski leg to a total distance of 10 km. The other option is the most popular event, the Winter Triathlon, at 25 km.

Pentathlon: This event is the classic choice and features five different disciplines. It operates similar to triathlon as each leg of the race runs right into the next and includes a transition zone to gear up. The legs that make up this 25 km race include bike, run, ski, skate and snowshoe. It is epic. The coolest winter challenge ever! In addition, for those who want the ultimate challenge, there is a 41-km Pentathlon as well.

Three choices for the tandem challenge

Duathlon: Run and cross-country ski stages of the Salomon Duathlon sprint.

Pentathlon: Share the five disciplines of the Short Distance Challenge or try the Lond Distance Challenge. 

Seven choices for groups of 3-5

The group challenge offers a range of options for family and friends depending on the desired level of competitiveness. 

For instance, families can compete for the coveted trophy of conviviality in the Kamik Family and Friends Challenge, the Boréale Short Distance Team-Relay Challenge or a friend or family member is living with a disability there is the option of the Radio Canada Social Integration Challenge. 

For friend groups, there is the Boréale Short Distance Team-Relay Challenge or the Eye-Am Long Distance Team-Relay Challenge. 

There are also options available for work or school colleagues such as the Langlois Avocats Corporate Challenge and the Défi MEES University Challenge.

The Pentathlon des neiges includes four weekends of activities where families, children and athletes can delight in winter. Every year this event attracts thousands of participants, from two years old to 81 years young, even an Olympian or two have been known to participate.  

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