Quarantine routines: Mountain biker Darren Berrecloth

Darren Berrecloth is one of the country's best-known professional freeride mountain bikers. He's been doing his thing for a couple of decades, competing in all the big contests while also having a hand in some very adventurous mountain bike films such as the recent North of Nightfall, which saw him and a few other athletes head as far north as humanly possible to mountain bike on an uninhabited island in the High Arctic. It is epic. 



The man they call 'The Claw' is currently hunkered down on Vancouver Island with his family during the isolation. We asked him how he is staying mentally and physically fit during this time.

Where have you been isolating?

I’ve been at home in Parksville, B.C. 

How’s it going?

Going good actually. I’ve been super busy building trails and out riding lots as I live right beside the forest that has a big trail network. 

What are you looking forward to most when you are able to move around more and start getting back to normal?

The biggest thing I am looking forward to is hanging with my friends and family. 

What has been your fitness routine throughout this period?

My fitness routine has been a mix between home workouts, building trail, and riding bikes. 

The clip below is an easy total body 15-minute mat workout. 


And how about nutrition?

To be honest I’m finding with never eating out I’m doing pretty good. My diet has always been primarily plant-based and nutrient-rich with all my supplements and superfoods I take regularly. 

Here are a couple videos on my daily routines. 

Mushroom latte:


And here is my sports drink recipe:


And what do you do for mental fitness?

Getting outside is quite the key to the mental game during times like these. I feel for people that live in the cities and have had to seriously bunker down as that would take an immense toll on the state of mind. 

For myself, trail building is something I really love, and having the extra time to focus on trail building has been great. It’s insanely good exercise and very rewarding, I highly recommend it. 


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