British Columbia's Galena Trail comes with its own hand-pulled cable car for crossing a creek

Located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, the Galena Trail is a 13-km rail trail suitable for hiking and biking, with a unique twist. 

Running from Rosebery to Three Forks along the Slocan River the trail makes use of an old CPR rail right-of-way. The trail gets really interesting upon the approach to Carpenter Creek at the site of an old Alamo mine. Here, a manual cable car awaits. Those on foot will find it easy, and even those with bicycles will be able to hook their rides onto the small car and yank themselves across. 


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It's certainly one of the most unique additions to a trail in the province.

There are remnants of the old mine on the site, which makes for fun exploration and interesting scenery when set against the gorgeous landscape. 

A mountain biker on the Galena Trail

The trail is billed as a good introduction to single-track mountain biking for those so inclined. 

Hiking the trail will take approximately two hours for the entire route. For more trail information in the area go here


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