Alpaca yoga is the outdoor workout we can all use right now

As someone who loves outside-of-the-box random fun stuff like yoga with goats, I somehow lucked out with getting the second last spot in a sold-out fall season of yoga with alpacas at Brae Ridge Farm & Sanctuary

Located in Puslinch, Ontario, this farm is home to alpacas, bees and fields of lavender. Led by Gail from Power Yoga Georgetown, the Yin Yoga class followed COVID-19 safety guidelines and had a limited number of participants spread out in an open field. The yoga was geared for all levels, but I really can’t remember how much yoga I accomplished from being so easily distracted by the fluffy and smiley herd of alpacas wandering around!

Photo credit: Brae Ridge Farm & Sanctuary

Relaxing on a beautiful farm with the crisp scent of autumn in the air, vibrant leaves in the background, and the sounds of eight curious but cautious alpacas munching away at the grass is not only a unique experience but the most magically relaxing way to spend a fall afternoon.

After the yoga class, participants were given some feed to share with the shy but friendly cuties. Penny, the owner of Brae Ridge Farm & Sanctuary introduced each of the alpacas and their different personalities.

Do a quick web search for alpaca yoga and you might just be lucky enough to find a farm near you with this fun experience! I’ve tried yoga with baby goats before and the quick differences are:

· Alpacas are more respectful of personal space than the rambunctious baby goats

· Less surprise bowel movements than goats 

· Floofier and softer 

Photo credit: Brae Ridge Farm & Sanctuary

Bring a water bottle, yoga mat (rentals were available) and a blanket and be prepared to relax while basking in fluffy, cuteness overload.

Alpaca my yoga stuff to spend 75-minutes with them any day.



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