Five muck-loving trail running shoes to get you out there this spring

This year, more people than ever are going to be trail running as the sport continues to grow exponentially. And why not? It's a great way to get away from the crowds, commune with nature and get a fantastic workout with a bit of an easier time for the body when compared to standard asphalt. 

Trail running shoes are not always a necessity and they are a bit slower than road running shoes, but the gnarlier the trails the more important trail shoes become. 

"Trail-specific shoes are definitely better when running on trails in wet conditions and are also very useful when the terrain consists of rocks and roots since trail shoes typically give better traction," says Jeff Rowthorn, an Ontario-based trail runner and race director. "If you are out on a trail that is both wet and rocky or has a lot of tree roots, then trail shoes are necessary."

Here are five trail running shoes Get Out There has recently reviewed that offer everything you need to tackle trails that are muddy, root-infested or packed dirt.


The North Face Vective

The big entry in the trail running segment in early 2021 is courtesy of The North Face and its incorporation of a carbon-fibre plate in its Vective trail runners. This technology, focussed on the need for speed, is big in the road running world, but this is the first time we've seen it for the dirt merchants. The shoe has a serious-looking midsole along with Kevlar waterproofing, a reinforced toe cap and good traction underfoot. Our full review below. 


Technica Magma 

Another new entry this year is from Technica set for release this spring, which is designed for serious terrain. Magma combines the best quality of trail runners, hikers and approach shoes with a lot of hold, support and traction. The outsole is unique and aggressive, wrapping up on the sides and toe of the shoe to provide even more traction and protection. 


Brooks Catamount

The Brooks Catamount is a lightweight and responsive trail running shoe with a new DNA Flash midsole, which gives this one plenty of spring. The outsole provides a good amount of traction and protection, and the drainage slits are kinda fun, and allows the shoe to dry quickly if you happen to run through a stream or two. 


MATH Sport Gen3

Yes, Canada has its own running shoe company, MATH Sport. The Montreal-based brand released its first trail runner this past fall and it looks great. This is a road running shoe with grip: lightweight, responsive, good lugs and outsole, perhaps not the best on very technical terrain, but perfect for running fast through dirt trails.


Inov-8 Terraultra G 270

This zero-drop shoe features graphene-enhanced rubber cleats and is built for long distances such as ultra trail runs. The new version of this popular shoe includes enhanced midsole foam and the new BOOMERANG insole that Invo-8 claims will increase energy return signficantly.


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