Four stylish flannel shirts for outdoor adventure

With the winter chill starting to spread from sea to shining sea, we rejoice. For now is not the time to stay indoors, now is the time we wear flannel and we look darn good in so doing. Flannel is a fantastic insulator and outdoor brands make it a habit of crafting garments meant for the active lifestyle. And did we mention how good they look?

Not sure what dapper duds to don this fall and winter? Here are four of our favourites from brands that know a thing or two about fun in the outdoors: Columbia, Fjallraven, Mountain Hardware and Tracksmith.

Tracksmith, New England Overland

We fell in love this the Overland shirt from Tracksmith almost immediately: the heft, the softness, and the style. There is a lot going on here. This overshirt is actually designed as something warm and cosy to throw on after a day on the trails or at the track. it’s constructed of super-soft and luxurious recycled wool, cotton and nylon. So it’s warm and comfortable but also stretchy enough to move.

Perfect for pre- or post-trail runs, campfires or out in the canoe on a fall day?

Fjallraven Ovik

The Ovik is a durable flannel shirt that offers style and toughness in a tidy package. We love the fabric on this one — organic cotton that is brushed on both sides for some serious comfort. There are also two chest pockets and the buttons are made from recycled polyester.

Perfect for early morning coffee on the dock, weekend hikes in the fall.

Columbia Cornell Woods

Stylish and tough, this cotton-twill flannel comes in a variety of plaids to please one and all. We love how solid this shirt feels from the well-crafted cuffs and the active fit and comfortable stretch fabric. Can't go wrong here.

Perfect for disc golf after work, fishing

Mountain Hardwear Voyager One

This Mountain Hardwear offering is a complete classic — button-up, tough yet comfortable flannel made from recycled polyester with enough stretch for outdoor pursuits. There is also plenty of environmentally responsible choices being made here, which we love.

Perfect for biking to work, or down to the beach for a BBQ.



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