Here are 8 reasons why we love the Sun LIfe Pentathlon des Neiges

Canada's largest outdoor winter sports event happens in Quebec City. And it is fantastique!

The 19th edition of the Sun Life Pentathlon des Neiges will be held on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City from Feb. 18-26, 2023 and we cannot wait.

There are many reasons why we love heading to Quebec City to take part in the event. Here are our top seven reasons.

There is a challenge for everyone.

With Pentathlon's Find My Challenge tool, it is easy for participants to find the ideal event for them to send the enjoyment factor through the roof. There are challenges for teams and individuals in a variety of disciplines including biking, running, skiing, skating, and snowshoeing.

The ultra-challenge of the Iceman Ultra

Not for the faint of heart, or leg, this epic 75-km Ultra triathlon (run-skate-ski) is the ultimate endurance competition for athletes who want to take up a serious challenge against a considerable distance but also the cold and the wind. Teams are also accepted in the Ultra category.

The Fun Factor

Sure, there is no shortage of serious athletes that take part in the Sun Life Pentathlon des Neiges, but you might see more costumed teams, and other folks just out to have a great day of fun in the sun and snow. And that's what it's all about.

Quebec City

This historic and drop-dead gorgeous city is an outdoor sports lover's dream come true. A city that embraces the elements and it can only rub off on those who come to the Pentathlon. All the more reason to travel to the city for the event and stay to enjoy the city.

The snow

Yes, there is always an abundance of the fluffy white stuff piled onto the Plains of Abraham to ensure ideal conditions. This is an event to celebrate our love of the outdoors, winter, and competition.  


People come from across Canada and even further afield to celebrate the winter at this incredible event. Everyone is there for a love of winter and sport. Don't be surprised if you step up to the start line alongside someone from the West Coast. This year, there is even one competitor coming all the way from Japan to participate.

The Night Run

The inaugural WKND Night Run is scheduled for Feb. 23. Runners will gather, headlamps at the ready, outfits bedazzled with fluorescent or luminous accessories The squad from WKND radio station will set the mood. And, a snowy but well-groomed course will be prepared for runners to tackle the one, five or 10-kilometre races.

Family Friendly

There will, of course, be many social events and fun to be had on-site and outside of the competitions, and the official hotel of the Pentathlon is the Chateau Laurier Quebec, a perfect base to enjoy a trip to a winter wonderland for the entire family. The Family and Friends Challenge is a great way to introduce the whole family to winter sports!



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