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Keep active this winter with Spike Pro 2 and Spike Trail

Trail running, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits can be challenging during the winter, but not with the right equipment and crampons designed with active adventure in mind are perfect for those looking to keep on the trails no matter the weather. 

Life Sports Gear is a Canadian outdoor sports brand founded in 2014 when the company first introduced its line of crampons. They now have 10 models from which to choose including those fit for city sidewalks all the way up to rugged crampons designed for serious ice on technical terrain. 

Get Out There tested out two models of LSG crampons over the last few weeks: Spike Pro2 ($69.99) and Spike Trail (64.99), and are pleased to report how well they performed. 

The Spike Pro 2 crampons are tough and durable with 11 large spikes of 13 to 16-mm in length. These crampons would be suitable on very icy and technical terrain and offer heavy traction. The only more extreme model available in the LSG line is the Spike Ultra, which is the same length of spikes but also includes an aggressive toe spike. 

The Spike Trail has 13 spikes, but is shorter in length at 7mm. We found this model to be something we would wear most often on daily trail runs and would only break-out the Spike Pro 2 in more extreme conditions, especially those involving any significant ascents. 

It's important to determine what the crampons will be used for and in what conditions before settling on the correct model. But, as they are affordable, it's probably good to have a couple just in case. 

The spikes are all high-quality stainless steel and the crampons are made with thermoplastic rubber. Both models were comfortable and look to be very durable by design, and should last years. 

Each pair of crampons comes with a nifty carrying bag for ease of use. 

Check out our review on our YouTube channel at the link below. 




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