A review of the Hotcore Hypnos 3 sleeping pad

Looking for some fall camping, the new Hypnos 3 all-purpose three-season sleeping pad is just right. Insulated for warmth and designed for comfort with a large tapered shape, the fine folks of Canadian brand Hotcore Outdoor Products crafted a gem with baffle wall contraction to eliminate cold spots and allow for a comfy night’s rest. We love that it inflates using the roll-top stuff sack and comes with its own repair kit ($129.99)

Get Out There gear reviewer Brad Jennings tested the Hypnos 3 on approximately 40 camping and paddling trips over the past summer and was impressed by some of the features and overall quality of the three-season sleeping pad.

"We took Hotcore's Hypnos 3 out for 40 nights of backcountry travel to see how it stands up," Jennings says, in a video gear review on our YouTube channel. "Hotcore's first entry into the sleeping pad segment is a reliable three-season mat that packs a ton of comfort."

Jennings loved Hotcore's idea of using the carry bag to double as an inflation sack. It's simple, the nozzle is attached to the bag, just secure it in place on the Hypnos 3 and then roll the sack up to force air into the pad.

"Inflation takes a few minutes, saves your lungs and also ensures you don’t get extra moisture inside the mat," Jennings explains. "I also ensure you get a more comfortable sleep."

The Hypnos 3 weighs in at about 785 grams and Jennings says he tested it in temperatures ranging from zero to 20 degrees celsius without any issues with the cold. It is a three-season sleeping pad, though, and is not meant for winter camping.

The pad is tapered at both the head and the foot and uses horizontal baffling, which Jennings says he prefers to the more common verticle construction.

"Overall, really impressed by Hotcore’s Hypnos 3," Jennings says. "The stuff sack that doubles as an inflation sack is a welcome feature. and the horizontal baffle wall construction has provided a comfortable sleep on my backcountry adventures."

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