A review of the Yeti 48 wheeled cooler

The Yeti 48 wheeler cooler is a high performing and durable option for camping and long treks.

Get Out There took the Yeti 48 wheeled cooler out for a test over a few weeks, and reviewer Adam Ciuk liked what he saw from this cold-holding and maneuverable beast of a cooler.

"One of the great features about this cooler is that it's virtually indestructible and it's so well designed," says Ciuk, in his video review posted to our YouTube channel. "The hinges will have an interlocking two-pin design that will prevent it from breaking and it's super easy to open this even with just one hand and close it with one hand if need be."

The cooler features a periscope handle and solid puncture-resistant tires that will come in handy when the cooler is loaded up and there is any serious terrain to cover. There are also tie-down slots so users can secure the cooler on a boat, or trailer. It is tall enough to accommodate a large wine bottle as well as a leak-proof drain plug.

Ciuk was impressed by the design especially the tires and handle for lugging over a distance.

"These tires are a solid one piece design and their impact and puncture resistant," Ciuk says. "And the periscope handle is retractable for either carrying this thing around on your adventures to your boat to your campsite when it's extremely heavy with all your food for that long weekend."

Ciuk tested out the how long the cooler kept food and beverages cold while on a three-day summer camping trip in the Yukon. After three days, there was still a large block of ice in the cooler and everything was kept cold.

"The hard part is that when you're out there camping, you tend to eat the food and then that ratio definitely changes and the ice does melt a lot faster as you're reducing the food that's in the cooler," he explains. "So I would say this thing is perfect for up to a five-day trip and then reloading that ice when you need to."

"If you guys are looking for the perfect outdoor to cooler I highly recommend the Yeti Roadie 48," he adds.



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