Everesting is hill climbing for the Strava set

Mount Everest is the highest peak on the planet at 8,848 metres above sea level. Climbing to the summit is the dream of many, but only a very few will ever get the opportunity, considering the typical cost has risen to more than $50,000 per attempt, not to mention the dead bodies and broken dreams are scattered about the area. 

An inventive sort took the power of this legendary mountain and is applying it to the Strava generation to inspire cyclists and runners to hit the climbs and hit them hard. It’s called Everesting

The concept is simple: Find a hill, any steep monster hill, and run or bike up it an amount equivalent to the height of Mt. Everest. Then, we do what we do with our accomplishments these days, we share them online at 

The idea was hatched by the devious minds behind the Hells 500, a group of Australian cyclists with a love of climbing and a  high pain threshold. 

“We liked the fact that as hill riders we were on the fringe, so rather than race – we would set ourselves goals that no one else was doing,” the team stated. “The prerequisite for any challenge that we set was that it had to be tough. To qualify, it needed to be too difficult to just go out and ride it.”

The rules are that the Everesting has to be made in a single ride (or run) although beyond that time is not a factor, and only elevation counts so don’t even think about tacking on those descents. Another key rule is that each ascent needs to be completed. So, if a rider is shy by 500 metres on a 2,000-metre climb they still need to ride all the way to the top of the next ascent. 

The challenge requires some preparation and thought put into choosing an ideal destination. If it’s too steep, legs will be burning something fierce towards the end. If it’s too easy, elevation might not be gained quickly enough and you’ll run out of daylight. 

Remember to record the climb with a recognized device and submit the file to the website. 

It’s the perfect fuel for the Strava set. So far, there have been 3,959 successful Everesting attempts in 93 countries around the world.

Here are a few choice climbs for peak Everesting. 

Mount Revelstoke, B.C.
Pedal your way through the Meadows in the Sky Parkway within this gorgeous Canadian national park. This beautiful and ridiculously challenging climb is considered one of the toughest in Canada. It‘s 26 kilometres with a gain of 1,468 metres, so expect to grind up this beast six times to achieve peak Everesting.

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii
So, attempting a massive Everesting doesn’t necessarily mean a local hill. Why not built the attempt into a sweet beach vacation in Hawaii, spending a day riding up the side of a volcano? Start in the town Pa’ia in Maui and pedal up this sexy beast all the way to its summit with a whopping 3,048 metres of elevation gain. Then, do it a couple more times! Feel free to scoff at the people paying big bucks to be driven to the top only to coast their way down the mountain on bicycles.

Mt Seymour
Many Canadian Everesting attempts feature Mt. Seymour, one of two sweet mountain rides in the Vancouver area. This 13 km climb has an elevation of 987 metres, and most successful attempts fell in the 14-16 hour range. So prepare for a long day. 

Mount Mitchell
Head out of nearby Charlotte, North Carolina to Mount Mitchell to tackle the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Over the 39 km ride, almost 1,600 metres of elevation is gained to the summit in the White Mountains. The ride includes some 180-degree switchbacks and gets steeper near the end. Sounds like fun! 




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