Surfing Haida Gwaii with Canadian shredders Mathea Olin and Paige Alms

Recently, two of Canada’s best surfers, Paige Alms and Mathea Olin, travelled to the northwestern tip of the country, Haida Gwaii, to ride some hidden waves and learn about the history and culture of the Indigenous community there. 

The result is Northern Tides, a beautiful short film produced by Red Bull Surfing.


Alms was born on Vancouver Island but grew up surfing the big waves of Hawaii. Olin was born in Canmore but moved to Tofino, British Columbia before she could walk. Thanks to surfing’s inclusion in the upcoming Olympic Games, the two have spent a lot of time together and have struck up a close friendship. 

“I think I first met her about a year ago, been on a few different trips between then and now,” says Olin. “We have this insanely incredible relationship and she’s literally one of my best friends right now.”


In the film, Olin and Alms explore breaks that have never before been surfed by women in addition to learning about the intersection of surfboard and canoe design. 

It’s a short film that demonstrates the unique nature of those that grow up surrounded by the ocean whether it’s in a tiny archipelago at the far reaches of Canada, a hip little surf town on Vancouver Island or the Hawaiian Islands. 


The scenery is gorgeous, the culture proud and resilient, the surfing is stunning. 

“The surfing was incredible,” she says. “But we also got to learn so much about the Haida Gwaii history and felt even more connected to the BC coastline that I love.”

Check out the link below to watch two Canadian surfers explore the furthest reaches of our country in pursuit of waves and wisdom. 



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