Last Barkley finisher John Kelly wins Montane Spine Race

The Montane Spine Race considered one of the toughest endurance events in all of the land, has a winner in John Kelly, who completed the 268 miles in a mere 87 hours, 53 minutes and 57 seconds. Give or take. 

The American runner arrived at the finish at Kirk Yetholm overnight to cheers from those on hand.

Endurance running fans might remember Kelly as the last finished of the dreaded Barkley’s Marathon back in 2017. 

The Spine Race runs from Edale, Egland along the Pennine Way to the finish in Kirk Yetholm, Scotland. It’s a winter race, often with snow, but this time it was mostly rain and cold and mud. 

Apparently, the event was devised by a couple of Arctic expedition guides. So one can imagine it might take a high pain threshold and an appreciation for a bone-chilling cold to complete. 


Currently, there are still many racers on course, including one Canadian, Kevin Crowe, who had completed 194 miles. Live updates are available on the Spine Race website. 



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