Some ski areas start to close over COVID-19 ahead of March Break most remain open

As the Great Shutdown of 2020 continues unabated, up until a few hours ago it seemed that it was at least possible to look forward to some time on the slopes. After all, there is a ton of clothing, goggles, toques. 

But, there are also lifts, cafeterias, ticket lines, any number of points of social interaction involved very large groups. I mean, you saw the Vail lift line right?

In Europe, all the ski resorts have shut down in places such as Switzerland. Could it be long before that happens here?

While there are many ski areas that have yet to signal a closure is imminent, heck Whistler seems to be ignoring the entire thing altogether, there are others who are taking the next step in protecting society at large. Here is a snapshot of what we know right now. 

Here are the ski areas that have closed so far:

Although the state of Vermont hasn't ordered the ski resorts to shutter, it is happening. A few hours ago Jay Peak announced it was shutting down for the time being. Jay Peak is the closest resort to the Canadian border. 


And in upstate New York, both Berkshire and Catamount ski areas are shut down for the season, the owner issued a heartfelt statement on the decision. 

In Ontario, Glen Eden ski area outside of Toronto has closed down for the season. 

Other ski areas both in the United States and in Canada have issued one statement or another that all basically state that extra cleaning and such is happening. Many are cancelling all events, some are limiting capacity in restaurants, lodges and other indoor areas. 

As so much has changed over the past 48 hours, the suggestion is to keep an eye on what is happening. 

All levels of government have strongly suggested eliminating non-essential travel, especially south of the border to the United States where the COVID-19 situation is not as clear. 

Get outside. But stay safe. 



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