The world's tallest climbing wall is set to open in...Copenhagen?

The tallest climbing wall in the world is built and soon to open in the middle of the very flat city of Copenhagen in Denmark. The wall at CopenHill, a centre for "urban mountain sports" and towers over climbers clocking in at a heart-fluttering 80 metres — about a 24 storey building. 

According to the website, the wall is designed to resemble a natural mountain slab with various overhangs and routes to the top. The holds will resemble what you would find in a normal climbing gym, but the routes are definitely in the difficult category and it apparently gets harder the higher you climb. 

The wall was created by the company Walltopia

“The wall design was a challenge as we were striving to find the right balance between appearance and functionality,” says Vasil Sharlanov of Walltopia. “The goal was to create an appearance matching the impressive building architecture while designing wall topology that offers supreme climbing experience.”

The wall is located on the facade of a very cool power plant building designed by Bjarke Ingels and his architectural company BIG after winning an architectural design competition. 

“Bjarke is known as a great visionary in architecture and this can certainly be seen in the unusual design of the Amager Power Plant (CopenHill),” says Sharlanov. “One of his initial ideas was to introduce climbing on the building facade and thus add more urban activities.”

Since the wall is 80 metres, it's difficult to climb it at once, so it was split into four pitches, roughly every 20 metres. Every pitch has a different overall climbing level with the bottom being the easiest. Every pitch ends on a sloped edge which makes anchoring comfortable but also not a cosy place to hang out in order to make sure climbers won’t block the lines for excessive time taking selfies from above. 

“It was inspired by natural multi-pitch routes-they usually use naturally formed ledges for pitch endings,” explains Sharlanov.

The CopenHill power plant is a very cool project that has been in the works for a decade. It’s a big part of the city’s goal of becoming the world's first carbon-neutral city by 2025. 

In addition to providing clean energy, it also provides local residents with a facility dedicated to mountain sports. In addition to a climbing wall, there is also an artificial ski hill as well as running, hiking and training amenities.

Check out this sweet video of the ski hill below.



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