Ultra runner Courtney Dauwalter in pursuit of epic 500-mile Colorado Trail FKT

American ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter's attempt to break the record on the 500-mile Colorado Trail is officially underway.

"Finally going to take a crack at 500 miles! Heading out on the Colorado Trail next week to test myself on a new distance," she wrote, on social media. "What does it feel like to run that far? I’m excited to find out! Pain Cave, here we come. 

The Colorado Trail is a long-distance trail that stretches for 486 miles from the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango in Colorado, United States. Its highest point is 13,271 feet above sea level, and most of the trail is above 10,000 feet.


A post shared by Courtney Dauwalter (@courtneydauwalter) on Jul 29, 2020 at 8:40am PDT

Dauwalter is no stranger to great feats of endurance, having established herself as one of, if not the, premiere ultra runners in the world after winning 9 or 12 races in 2018 including two outright wins. In 2019, she won Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

Bryan Williams is the current record holder with a time of eight days and 30 minutes, which he set in September 2017. Betsy Kalmeyer set the women's record in 2003 at nine days, 10 hours and 52 minutes.

But she made it clear that she's going for the outright record. Dauwalter explained that on her tracker, she's noted how far Williams got each day, to give her "a little perspective on what it will take."

Because we are still under the pandemic, Dauwalter requests that nobody come out and cheer her on, but virtual high-fives and cheers are appreciated. Track her progress here


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