New virtual event celebrates grocery fitness

Run to the Store registration open now

A new virtual event celebrates the value in daily routine while also promoting a healthy lifestyle, according to race director Luke Dunphy. 

“We do things everyday that could be good for us, but we don’t acknowledge it,” says Dunphy, who has been running off and on for a while now.”With Run to the Store not only will you be providing sustenance for your family, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to accomplish something you can post so your friends can read about it on Facebook.”

In the Run To The Store .. Run, participants can choose one of three options to pursue. The 5K sees runners target a store with a 2.5 kilometre radius of their home and actually run there instead of, you know, driving. Runners will then purchase five pantry essentials and finish this epic journey while carrying at least five extra pounds. 

The 5K Lite distance sees runners completing the first half of the run before calling an Uber for the remainder. And, the 2K Firm Fannies addition has runners tracking their in-store progress at a brisk walking pace to hit the distance target. 

Luke Dunphy at his store


"This event has so many twists and turns, people gathering in the aisles, stray grocery cart management, it's a beast," says Dunphy, who manages a Valu Mart on Queen Street in Toronto neighbourhood The Beach. 

For the event, registrants who actually pay the $75 entry will receive a custom bamboo grocery bag, a finisher’s medal in the shape of a grocery cart, and a free Memories of Kobe gift pack. 

There will be a special Facebook event page set up near the back of the book for participants to talk about their times and show route photos. 

“It took me a long time to get this event just right,” Dunphy says. “I hope it encourages people to understand that challenging yourself and pushing your fitness to great heights is important. But moderation is really good, too.”

Registration for the event opens April 1. 


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