New gear brand raises more than $70,000 for convertible tent

A new crowd-funded tent is set to make its way to the marketplace early next year after raising more than $70,000 CAD on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The tent is reminiscent of an old convertible car, or an accordion. When it’s open all the way, the tent provides a small amount of shade and windbreak, but otherwise, it is wide open aside from the floor. The entire tent roof, poles, and sidewalls are tucked together and out of the way, ready to extend to another six positions like bellows in an accordion to be fully enclosed at the other end of the spectrum. 

Imagine an overheated tent on a summer morning. With the Escape M4, one simply unzips the “bathtub floor” from the sides, and slides the entire tent to the open position. 

The tent, priced at $410 CAD on Indiegogo, is designed to comfortably fit four adults and a queen mattress so there is plenty of room, seams are tape-sealed, and there is a gear loft pocket to store as well as a rucksack carry bag for stowing.

According to Campo Designs, co-founded by Jon Neff and Ru Hartwell, the tent can be set up in under 10 minutes.

The tent is likely to be handy at frontcountry camping sites, especially those with a view and maybe a beach, where weight and size are not big factors. The Escape M4 clocks in at 22 pounds.

It would also be handy at festivals, or even for trips to the beach. This is likely not the tent to bring along on a backpacking trip when the smallest and lightest gear is preferred. 


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