Backcountry camping in Ontario goes glam with new thunderbox toilets

But users still need to understand proper waste disposal techniques

Ontario Parks took to social media this week to announce the latest and greatest backcountry boom-boom rooms dubbed Thunderboxes.

It’s always one of the more challenging aspects of backcountry camping. The idea of stooping over the cold, hard ground when nature calls. It’s also messier and messier as wilderness camping increases in popularity. Not everyone is up on the etiquette involved, and others simply ignore it. 

According to a post on Twitter, Ontario Parks has been placing hundreds of wooden outdoor privies on backcountry camping sites with more on the way this spring.  

The contraptions work similarly to an outhouse as those in need will simply sit on a hole in a large box and do what they have to do. When the so-called Thunderbox is full, it is relocated. 

Not surprisingly, people on social media are quite happy to hear of the thunderboxes.

"Thank you! I freaking love these things. Nothing like doing your business with an amazing view!," read one post

But, all backcountry users should know the rules around pooping in the woods and what to do with the waste should a thunderbox not be available where you are. 

Leave No Trace Canada has a wonderful explanation here

And for more on the growing trend of backcountry camping read our article here


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