This chain of sporting goods stores is offering a discount if you get your bike stolen

Decathlon, the globally renowned sports retailer, is taking a proactive stance against the rising issue of bicycle theft with its innovative "Stolen Discount" program. This limited-time promotion aims to raise awareness about the significant increase in bicycle theft since the COVID-19 pandemic while providing support to individuals who have fallen victim to this crime.

Decathlon says, the Stolen Discount program is key to its commitment to accessibility. The concept is straightforward: customers who present a valid, stolen bike police report dated within 2023 will receive a $50 discount on any new bicycle purchased from one of Decathlon's six stores in the Greater Toronto Area — a serious hotbed for bike theft.

The program is in effect until July 30, and the combination of Decathlon's fair prices and the discount makes it a significant opportunity for those in need of a replacement bicycle.

According to Decathlon, the GTHA has experienced a staggering surge in bicycle theft, with over 4,000 bicycles reported stolen in 2020 alone—a three-fold increase compared to the total in 2014. Recognizing the importance of bicycles as a crucial form of transportation for many individuals, Decathlon wants to ensure that the people of the GTHA receive the support they need to replace their stolen bikes.

Marie-Lou Blais, Director of Communications at Decathlon Canada, emphasized the brand's dedication to accessibility and promoting a healthy lifestyle for all Canadians. "At Decathlon, accessibility is paramount. We believe that regardless of ability, income, or gender, all Canadians should be able to participate in sports to maintain a healthy lifestyle," stated Blais. "Cycling has become increasingly popular as a mode of sustainable and healthy transportation across the GTHA. Through the Stolen Discount program, we aim to keep the region riding throughout the summer months."

The Stolen Discount program has garnered support from the local cycling community in Toronto as well. Christopher McGarrell, Founder of ManDem CC, a community organization dedicated to cycling, expressed gratitude for Decathlon's efforts. "Our community continues to be impacted by theft across the city, especially in the downtown core. Decathlon understands that bikes are a huge part of city life. We're grateful for organizations that show support for those impacted by bicycle theft."

Individuals interested in learning more about the Stolen Discount program and its eligibility requirements can visit the dedicated website at

Decathlon's GTHA stores are conveniently located at Union Station and Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto, Mapleview Shopping Centre in Burlington, Bramalea Shopping Centre in Brampton, Vaughan Mills, and Cadillac Fairview Markville in Markham.


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