Domes, yurts, and bubble tents: The modern Canadian glamper's guide to 'roughing it'

Glamping takes two of Canada’s favourite things⁠—camping and glamour⁠—and swirls them into one luxurious outdoor activity. It involves an outdoor camp setting, with amenities and comforts associated with a hotel or spa.

Glamping sites come in all shapes and sizes, including:





-Bubble Tents

-Shepherd’s Huts

 The Rise of Canadian Glamp Sites

While glamping is hardly a new concept, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many Canadians to seek unique ways to vacation while maintaining their required 6-feet of distance. Glamping provided a new form of staycation, with a dash of outdoor survival.

According to a study published in Sage Journals, North Americans are 21.2% more likely to go glamping than book a hotel or resort following the height of pandemic restrictions. This has encouraged a range of glamping options at national parks and campsites.


Glamping with Park’s Canada

Park’s Canada offers Canadians an assortment of glamping options, including:

    oTENTik A-frame Cabins: Think of these as permanent tents with a wooden frame. They contain raised floors, bunk beds, lofts, and other space-saving accommodations free from the elements.

    Ôasis Drop-Shaped Pods: Raised wooden pods containing a bed and suspended hammock in a loft. The bed converts to a table, and the canopy and windows open to view the natural night sky.

    MicrOcube Designer Huts: These tiny huts feature comfortable interiors with panoramic windows to the outside world. Stay cosy all night with a perfect view of Canada’s natural beauty.

    Circular Yurts: These circular cabin-like structures provide all the comforts of home in a camping environment. Some are large enough to host families, with tables, chairs, beds, and more.

    Traditional Tipis: Formed with canvas and wooden poles, Tipis were the traditional homes of nomadic Plains dwellers in Canada. While closer to your typical tent-style camp set-up, many Tipi rentals offer a hardwood floor and rustic furnishings.

Parks Canada also supplies non-glamping selections, such as tent sites, cabins, and RV hookups.


Glamping with Private Campgrounds

Parks Canada has some amazing rentals but they aren’t the only Canadian sites running with the glamping trend. As sites like Airbnb and VRBO have created avenues to locate local rentals, Glamp Hub helps Canadians find glamping sites nearby.

Spend a night in the geodesic domes of Backeddy Resort in Egmont, British Columbia, the floating tents of Yellow Dog Lodge, in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, or the lakeside glomes of White Point Beach Resort in White Point, Nova Scotia.

From coast to coast, glamping is where it’s at.



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