Now you can ski in the summer at Mont-Tremblant

A thrilling and modern addition to Mont-Tremblant's extensive summer offerings awaits winter sports enthusiasts this year: summer skiing! Commencing on Aug. 18, Mont-Tremblant will provide the opportunity for visitors to learn to ski or snowboard on a synthetic surface. With complimentary equipment rental and dedicated staff on the slope, skiers and snowboarders can focus on honing their gliding skills.

The learning area boasts two types of surfaces to cater to different preferences and skill levels. The Upper Equilibre section features a long-fiber mat that provides a softer feel, allowing for wider turns and a more gentle skiing experience. On the other hand, the Lower Equilibre area boasts a short-fiber mat, offering a firmer surface ideal for practicing braking techniques and gaining better control over skis or boards.

Visitors have the option to rent equipment at no extra cost, including skis, boots, poles, and helmets, or they can bring their own equipment. The rental center is conveniently located at the top of the activity area. For the convenience of all age groups, experienced staff will be present to assist skiers and snowboarders throughout the session.

The summer skiing activity is scheduled to run for one hour and will be divided into blocks of skiers, ensuring everyone gets ample time on the slopes. The activity will be available seven days a week, rain or shine, from August 18 to September 4. Afterward, it will be offered on weekends only, continuing until October 15.

Summer skiing presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to get a taste of winter sports even before the official snow season begins. It promises to be yet another memorable experience at Mont-Tremblant, adding to the resort's reputation as a top four-season destination.

For those interested in exploring the schedule and rates for summer skiing, more information is available on the Summer Skiing page at



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